Still Here


It has been quite a summer since finishing undergrad! So much so, that I've let this get dusty! I'm presently buried beneath a hefty to-do list - a few fun projects that have me tethered to my desk. Photos and updates forthcoming! 

Only Team Worth Biting Your Nails

For giggles, I PhotoChopped my way into Mr. Zetterberg's life, and [already funny] wedding photo. What a dashing striped duo!
It's a miracle I have any semblance of fingernails after the Wings' game 7 against the Sharks Thursday (and I'm not a nail biter). I didn't grow up a Wings fan - and I generally never cared much for sports. In middle school I had a brief encounter with volleyball, whined my way through summer tennis camp in high school and turned down the cross country coach's suggestion I give running a shot (I think he was insinuating it's the only sport wherein my gangling body could earn any marginal success).

When my family uprooted from Virginia Beach and settled in Mid-Michigan during my awkward middle-school years, it was difficult to ignore the sea of red and white that would take over our school when the Wings made it to playoffs. Prior to moving to the mitten, my understanding of hockey was limited to what I'd seen in The Mighty Ducks. I probably couldn't have told you if they scored goals or baskets, but I took note that no other sport was as exhilarating to watch as hockey - if nothing else for the requisite fist flailing. Our tube was typically tuned in for playoff games and having made it to the playoffs for 20 consecutive years, the Red Wings have certainly earned the rights to Hockeytown.

My athletic prowess certainly has not developed like my interest in watching the Wings, save for a brief burst in my sophomore year at Grand Valley when I maintained a steady gym routine. It was fall semester when I (a) doubted my preternatural metabolism (b) wanted to spend time wooing Ryan, a [then] GV Lacrosse player. I'm planning on a hula hoop class for this month and, beyond that, my athleticism is limited to what I like to call recreational eating [see: throwing table manners and caution to the wind in the presence of hot dogs, cookies and all things slathered in butter].

I did woo the lacrosse player who helped me finally learn more about the foreign world of sports, and I have been genuinely excited to cheer on the best (and best looking) team in the NHL. I've even made it to a few games at the Joe. Who doesn't like drinking an $8 beer with a stranger's knees digging into their head while shouting at the top of your lungs for a consistently awesome team?

I appreciate other sports, but for different reasons: football has Super Bowl commercials, and soccer has devastatingly handsome soccer players. Sports stats largely sound like another language to me, and I can't get behind the yelling in Sports Center. I am also still confounded by most sport culture. In a nutshell, comedian Whitney Cummings expresses my feelings best:

Diane & Diana Do Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch
Easter Brunch

This is the third time I've posted food from Rose's. I swear I've been to plenty of other wonderful restaurants! Diana had yet to experience brunch there and all else seemed closed Easter morning, so we sat down for a late brunch. We even saw a cute little bunny fussing around in the grass outside our window!

For Lent, Diana decided to go vegan. A life without butter, cheese, ice cream, steak and bacon would be an absolute nightmare for me. I know there are great vegan recipes out there, although I could never adapt to it as a lifestyle. I applaud Diana's perseverance, but I was excited to accompany her for her first tasty, meat and dairy filled meal: 


They can't serve alcohol before noon on Sundays here. The last couple of times I visited I was disappointed I couldn't enjoy a mimosa with breakfast. Thankfully sloth paid off this afternoon when we dragged ourselves out for brunch at 1p.m.

To omnivores! 


I'm not sure how she isn't drooling after 40 days of torture. 

Grilled Cheese?

My "grilled cheese" was pretty tasty. Pancetta, mixed greens, sharp white cheddar &tomatoes were stuffed inside and served with root chips and pasta salad. I wasn't crazy about the bread, but pancetta can do no wrong.

Things I Love

Went Back to Rose's for Round II with the Creme Brulee French Toast

The last couple of weeks of undergrad have had me holed up in my room into the early hours of the morning working on final projects. Even with meticulously planned to-do lists and working ahead of schedule, I've still been on the grind. Suffice to say sleep deprivation and  rising anxiety are requisite for any college student, but I'm eager for commencement and more eager for the steak that I will enjoy afterward. 

Here are some things I've been loving the past couple of weeks:

Anna's visit to Grand Rapids. It was an incredibly indulgent weekend [see photos] Inheriting summer threads from my roommate  Eating pizza in the dark and watching thunderstorms Completing a portfolio website The Red Wings sweeping the Coyotes this week Successfully making sugar wax at home (so cheap!) Hemp lotion and free scrubs, butters at The Body Shop Tasty, addictive mango lip balm Opportunities for improving my copywriting/design portfolio Celebratory drinks and nachos on the last day of classes ♥ Rewatching Veronica Mars


It was 82F by 10a.m. when we went to breakfast.


We shared a lot of great food that weekend.

Read on for more photos!

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins...Again


I can say with certainty that there is no other food I enjoy watching grow brown, black and mushy more than a bunch of bananas. With these in mind, I usually buy a few bunches as a typical batch will take 5 or 6 bananas. I've tried plenty of banana muffins...chocolate-chocolate banana, banana Nutella, cinnamon banana, and I've finally found those I like best are from a banana bread recipe that I modified. They are unbelievably soft, packed with bananas and just the right amount of chocolate. Read on for the recipe!

So Fresh!

These muffins are very dense!

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

5 minutes before these were done baking I take them out to brush a brown sugar/water paste on top for a sweet crunch.

Dangerously Delicious

When it comes to muffins, there aren't many that I don't like [except for anything low-fat...] I want to branch out from these suckers, but these are just too good not to make as often as possible.